On Site Machining

JIMS provide bolting services in different industries like Hydraulic Bolt Torquing, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning, Hydraulic Nut Splitting and Plant Fitting Services.

On Site Flange Refacing

Portable flange-facing machines are available in both OD and ID mount designs. Capable of machining raised face, RTJ grooves, and heat exchanger gasket areas. Machining Range covers flanges from 1 ½” to 60″ diameters. Machines have also been used to machine crane pedestals offshore. Machines are air driven and safe for use in explosive environments. Equipment and Manpower Hire are available worldwide.

On-Site Pipe Cutting / Beveling

Simultaneously cut and bevel pipe diameters from 2″ up to 36″ and up to 60″ on request. Machine any bevel profile required on all pipe material. Match bore or counterbore pipe internal diameters up to 6″ deep to match fittings. Choice of air or hydraulic powered clamshell lathes. Manpower and Equipment Hire available worldwide for both offshore/onshore facilities. Internal mount machine (EP424) from 6″ – 24″ capable of machining any bevel profile from 0-45 degrees up to 6.5″ wall thickness on any material., counter boring and flange facing

On Site Drilling / Tapping

Drilling capacity up to 12″ hole through 4″ thick material or pipe to accommodate weld o-lets. Drilling & Tapping Services on site. Removal of broken studs on-site

On Site Machining

JIMS (Joint Integrity Management Services Limited) also provides On-site Machining services all over the Trinidad and Tobago

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