Industrial Bolting

JIMS provide bolting services in different industries like Hydraulic Bolt Torquing, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning, Hydraulic Nut Splitting and Plant Fitting Services.

Hydraulic Bolt Torquing

Industrial Bolting Services which include:

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

We utilise the highest quality bolt tensioners which incorporate the following features, which make them faster and more reliable than other brands on the market

Sub-sea bolt tensioners are available on request.
Software-based Bolt Load Calculations – ADVISER
The adviser software considers many years of bolt working experience, where data has been channeled into a single computer software program.
Bolt tightening data, procedures, and recommendations for standard flanged joints, makes the adviser an invaluable tool to any industry.

The Adviser software package includes:

Power packs are pneumatic and very safe for use in explosive environments.
Manpower & Equipment Hire available 24 hours a day for both onshore & offshore facilities.

Hydraulic Nut Splitting

We can supply hydraulic nut splitters used to remove corroded bolts and nuts which cannot be removed by other methods and where flame cutting is not an option.

We can split nut sizes from 1 ¼” to 5 3/8″ safely and efficiently saving you a lot of downtime and giving you the option of reusing the original bolts.

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